Your 356. Ours too.

The 356 is a special vehicle, and it holds a special place in our hearts: we might be logical & methodical engineers, but the 356, launched in 1948 still stirs our blood and makes our pulse race; it’s the first true Porsche.

Wayne's lovingly restored 356

We know this car like the back of our hands; which may have changed in the total of 60 years we’ve worked on 356s, but the 356 remains unchanged in all those years: it truly is eternal...

...but only if men like us continue maintaining and caring for them.

The Porsche 356

While some may argue it is 50% VW and 50% Porsche we prefer to refer to the fact that the vehicle is 100% style, and often remind owners that genuine and original vehicles seldom sell for sums less than $100,000.

Glyn's speedster

As part of our daily routine we continue to work on Porsche’s original car, whether it be engine rebuilds, sourcing and installing parts, arranging paint, fitting interiors, and final concourse preparations, we take extra care in our work on these special projects:

  • Long time specialist experience
  • Our passion for the first Porsche
  • Genuine experience on road and track
  • Longevity protection
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Race preparation
  • Service schedules
  • “Spanner Checks”

We know you love your 356, and the only people who love it more than you, is us. We both love the feeling of working on The Porsche, and we’ll often exclude some hours spent at the Porsche altar come billing time, purely because of our love for the car, and its history.

A Bargain At Almost Any Price

We’ve watched Porsche prices for over 30 years, and we are constantly stunned (even though we shouldn’t be) by the prices commanded by genuine Porsche 356 examples.

In our estimation, it’s almost impossible to go wrong buying a genuine 356 Porsche; the prices keep rising, and if you are prepared to export a car, capital gains in the high double figures are possible.

This combined with New Zealand’s complete lack of capital gains tax makes investing in 1960’s German engineering almost a sure thing. Talk to us today, or tomorrow, about the 356 in your future.

Buying a 356

As an intimate part of the New Zealand Porsche scene, we have access to a large number of cars not always available to the general public. We will keep an eye (and ear!) out for any specific vehicle requirements you may have. Although we can’t guarantee anything, we’ll always do our best to keep you in mind in all our dealings.

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