About Autothority

Autothority are the local Porsche Service, Repair and Race Preparation Experts in Canterbury NZ

About Wayne Graves​

Wayne Graves became interested in Porsche when he was in England in the early 1980s. His first Porsche was a 1971 911E coupe which he bought and restored in London and imported into New Zealand in 1987.

Wayne drives a  1972 911S Coupe. He races a 1973 911 2.8 RSR in Raspberry ("The Pink Pig"), in Classic Motorsport.


Wayne’s wife Jo has a 1958 356A coupe. Wayne also has a one-family-only 1962 VW Beetle which is used for classic rallies, and the daily driver is a twin cab VW Transporter which is mostly used at the workshop.

For 35 years, Wayne has been working on Classic Porsches, beginning with servicing Porsche cars at home in his spare time. He then formed Autothority m 2000.

Our objective is to exceed your expectations​

Wayne had identified an unfilled niche in Canterbury, and he was wanting to move from servicing Porsche cars at home in his spare time, into a full time profession servicing and repairs Porsche cars.​

What got Wayne interested in Porsche all those years ago? "I got back to England in the early '80s and hooked up with an old friend who I had raced motor bikes with back in New Zealand some years before. Gary's words were, 'Graves, these Porsches are the next best thing to a road race bike. You need one.' He then took me for a spin in a 1973 911 2.7 RS ex factory rally spec. The rest is history.

We have no cars for sale at present​

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