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Autologic Diagnostics Autothority is extremely happy to now be able to offer its clients the most cutting-edge diagnostics, fault correction, upgrade and power-improvement technology available: Autologic!

Modern Porsches contain up to seven computers, not all of which always talk to each other nicely. Autothority can now diagnose any fault in any computer, repair faulty communications, upgrade to the latest software, and extract up to 20% more power from modern turbocharged cars with special tuning software, all using nothing but the official code supplied by Porsche itself.

Our clients can now access systems and capabilities not readily or cheaply available in the past.

Autologic 996 Turbo Performance software upgrade

Click Here for a PDF file showing various power upgrade results for modern Porsches

Autologic reduces the time required to identify and correct faults which previously have been time consuming and problematic to resolve.

We can now quickly check to see what software version a car is running, and update it almost as quickly and easily as you update your Windows computer at home.

The latest software version often adds capabilities, and performance enhancements which can save fuel, make more power, and extend the life of your motor.

Autologic is specially designed to work with all “computerised” Porsche vehicles, but concentrates on cars from 1989 onwards.

Autothority has long been seeking such a system, and is confident in its ability to now offer all modern vehicles owners the best available diagnostics and upgradeability. This extends to Cayennes, Panameras, all modern 911s and all Boxsters.

So, if your car’s computers seem like they are not working right, or if sensors are reporting faults, we urge you to get in touch, as the fault may be very simple to resolve.

More performance comes with the latest and customised software install for your car, and for turbocharged vehicles only running 98 octane petrol, large gains in power and torque, over the original programming are readily available.

Talk to us today about getting the most out of your turbocharged car!

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