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GT3 Race Car at Ruapuna

november 2013

We are very proud to be involved in the RennSport Series, which is a South Island-only series catering to German vehicles of all kinds. There are about five meetings a year with about 50+ members, and at least half usually turn up for the competition days. Recently we've been working on GT3s, Turbos of various years, a Boxster, 944s, 968s, all kinds of 911s - well, pretty much everything really; even a 924 Turbo. Any Porsche car makes an ideal track vehicle — they're so incredibly strong and robust, and have great brakes, which is so important for any track car.

We are looking after up to 13 cars in RennSport, plus a multitude of other vehicles as well; ranging from 944s to the 968 Club Sport and some very special cars like the fire-breathing GT2 Race Car.

if you want to stay safe, take it to the track!

An ever-increasing portion of our time is devoted to motorsport, and this makes sense; if you want to stay safe, keep your license, and pursue high-speed thrills - you need to get to your local race track.

We are extremely active in Porsche motorsport: from gymkhanas to endurance races and through to the RennSport series. Whether it be sourcing parts, spanner checks, building entire cars, race preparation, upgrades, race tuning, or on-track expertise Autothority is your one-stop shop for all your Porsche motorsport dreams.

Autothority support several cars and drivers throughout the South Island and many more roads cars which make frequent use of the track.

So, if you're planning anything from some road car track driving, to running a GT3 in the Cup series, or a monster turbo for 3-hour endurance races, or considering doing a Targa rally, come in and have a chat. We have the experience, resources and technical expertise to get you off the ground, move up the field, and get out there.

1973 2.8 RSR project nears completion. Car awaits engine installation. Note coil overs and large brakes fitted.

Wayne provides assistance for a genuine 968 Club Sport kitted out for the track, at Rupauna.

Boxster 986RSR on the hoist in preparation for a trip south to Teretonga.

A monster 996 Turbo car making 500 BHP is a regular visitor to the track.

Race prep for a 1972 911S for the Lady Wigram Revival meeting at Powerbuilt Raceway at the end of October.

Race prep for a locally owned RSR based on a 1974 911 IROC

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