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August 2014

Autothority is pleased to annonce the launch of our YouTube channel, found here. Here is the first video:

The crew in the workshop are preparing for our move, out to the rear workshop, so that the main shop can have earthquake damage repaired. Currently the alleyway leading to the rear workshop is being repaired and prepared to allow us easy access throughout the repair process. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience during the hectic time which is sure to come!

Although the working area will be smaller than at present, a completely new layout will ensure we are able to continue to provide first-class service for all our customers, in the same timely fashion as always.

November 2013

With the racing season upon us again, the workshop is very busy repairing, and preparing several race cars for Rennsport and other motorsport events throughout the South Island. If your race car isn't yet track-ready, please get it into us as quickly as you can, as being unable to attend an event due to a lack of prep time is sure to disappoint.

On the racing front, we especially want to congratulate Martin Dippie on his NZ Targa Rally win, in the GT3RS we recently rebuilt; the engine had a good freshen up, and he was running very well indeed to take the honours this year. Well done Martin!

Martin pouring it on in the GT3 The winning grin
Thanks to photography for the above images.

Autologic Diagnostics Our new diagnostics system, Autologic, is reaping rewards for our customers, both in terms of reduced time and cost for diagnostic work, but also in the speed of resolving issues, and adding power, via software upgrades direct from Porsche, via the OIA. If your car has any computer glitches, let us isolate and correct them for you. For details, on Autologic @ Autothority, click here.

The buzz on the street, and in the workshop is all about the 911 right now - the iconic car was shown for the first time in September 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. We are seeing a constant stream of people wanting to obtain early (pre 1974) cars, and the supply is rapidly drying up! Prices are therefore shifting upwards on a monthly basis, and if you want one, please talk to us right now, as we have a few options available for you.

June 2012

We had a unique opportunity recently; with two lovely 1972 cars in the workshop: Wayne's own 1972 911S Race Car, and a customer's 1972 911E Road Car. It's fascinating to see the differences between the road and race cars of the same year. We've included the photos below. Enjoy!

May 2012

This has been a busy year for Autothority, and it looks set to continue.

GT3 at Ruapuna gymkhana during Porsche Driver training 2012

  • Crucially, two of our personal projects have been completed. Wayne's Pink Pig (Video and image on Home Page) is running fiercely, and Glyn's fully-restored 356 ("ZIPNBY") has been on a road trip to Nelson and back - 800 kilometres with the hood down most of the way. Both cars are extremely beautiful, but in very different ways!
  • In the February Scope meeting at Ruapuna Raceway, we ran five Porsches and two other cars in just one race. Collecting 1st, 3rd, 4th and 5th was very encouraging. It's always a bit of a nervous time when seven of your clients are on the track at once, and all in very close proximity - so we were delighted when everyone managed to avoid each other.

  • The GT2 you have seen in the shop for a while now, won every event it entered until it ate the third cog in the gearbox. The good thing about the 'box failing is that we get a chance to rebuild it to take 750 BHP at the rear wheels, and it then has some history. This is a great example of what happens with very powerful race cars; you never know which part is going to break next! The original box was being pushed far beyond it's design parameters, and the rebuild will include new 2nd and third gears, as well as new bearings.
  • One of our most fascinating recent projects has been the building of a replica 968 RS Turbo race car. Only four examples were ever made by the factory, so an original is out of the question! The engine is a 3-litre, single cam motor with a decent turbo feeding it. This car makes a very safe 450 BHP and is potentially faster than a GT3 Cup car! The "fifth" 968 RS Turbo is a product of 2012 rather than 1991/1992, and should out-perform the factory originals by some considerable margin, with 100 extra BHP. We look forward to bringing you more news of this very exciting car.

    Oh, and if you are interested in building a sixth 968 Turbo RS, there are plenty of 968s out there for very reasonable money, that would form a great basis for a phenomenal new race/track car.

  • In terms of our non-race business; we're seeing an ever-increasing number of Boxsters, 996s, 997s and Cayenne's in through the door. With the original 996s now approaching $30,000 at the low end, these exception cars are becoming more and more affordable. However, as with all "bargain Porsches", some care and attention is required prior to purchase - so if you are thinking about Porsche ownership for the first time, come in for a chat - we'll point you in exactly the right direction.

    June 2011

    Since the February earthquakes, we have been hard at work on so many projects it's hard to know where to start! We have revamped the office somewhat, added 2 new hoists for a combined total of four, added a new apprentice, worked on RennSport cars, race cars, earthquake damaged cars, crashed cars, track cars, our own cars, installed pressurised air throughout the workshop, built a bunch of engines, swapped engines, been to several race meetings.

    We've hardly had a moment to draw breath, but with our increased capacity, we're ready to take on even more work - so if you have been delaying some maintenance or upgrades, now's the time to bring us your car.

    october 2010

    We've added the MotorSport page. An increasing portion of our time is devoted to motorsport, and we've taking on additonal staff to handle it all. Drop in for a chat about your motorsport dreams!

    september 2010

    The start of the month saw a massive 7.1 earthquake strike Christchurch city! Fortunately, everyone at Autothority was lucky enough to escape injury, and the very sturdy nature of our concrete and steel building means we only lost a single pane of glass in the disaster. Some tidy up was required from things falling from shelves, but very importantly, no damage to any cars at all!

    As you might imagine, the week following the 'quake was quite quiet, so we have been working on our various project cars, and making good progress too; Wayne's "Pink Porsche" race car is almost ready for the road, while Glyn's blue 356 is getting closer all the time, too.

    Our customers continue to invest in Porsche race cars, and you'll find a very interesting mix of race cars both old and new whenever you drop in to see us, so pop in and check out what's on the hoist this week.

    We have updated our DOWNLOADS page, with new links to workshop manuals and the Porsche PET download also.

    june 2010

    We're in full swing on a stunning array of jobs and projects right now. The workshop can still take on more work though, so if you're thinking about doing some work on your car over winter, now's the time to bring it down for a discussion.

    Iam Langham has officially joined the team. Ian brings a wealth of experience with him; his expertise in restoration and computer repairs is very valueable indeed. His experience with Link EM computers can save our clients thousands in replacement costs. Ian did his trade as a spray painter but extended his studies into fabrication and panel repairs. While we still outsource all paint work, Ian's time is mainly spent working on some of the oldest cars in the workshop. His general electrical skills and attention to detail mean our 356 and pre-impact projects are coming along nicely.

    Robyn Rump has joined the team 3 days a week. Robyn takes care of our office duties; invoicing and generally keeping everyone in line.

    Lionel Bonner, has almost completed his full mechanics qualification, and is doing great work in the shop. He's in his fourth year with us now, and those of you who know him will know what an asset he his.

    january 2010

    We're making significant progress on a few very exciting cars right now, bnd we still have some room left to spare - so bring us your project!

    We usually have a GT3 Cup car or assorted other race cars at the premises. We're rebuiling a 900 HP turbo right now, too.

    You may have seen our Avenues advertisement recently. We've decided to try saving aging 996 911s from the clutches of unqualified mechanics, and keep these exciting 911s running sweetly. The early water-coooled 911s are now in need of servicing away from the official franchise, where costs are reduced without sacrificing quality or workmanship.

    We've been flat out since Christmas with a number of projects out the door in recent months, and more keep rolling in to take their place. We're still seeing strong interest in front-engined Porsches, with plenty of the 944, 968 and 928 models through the door.

    Autothority sticker
    We've had some stylish yet subtle Autothority  stickers made. They can be applied to glass or bodywork, and will work on curved as well as flat surfaces. See above. We're happy to put one on your car next time you swing by the workshop.


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