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Autothority Pre-Race Check

Winning your Race starts with a vehicle Check!







Race Preparation

Autothority have a long history of preparing and maintaining race cars, as well as tuning and on-track mechanical support and advice. Whether it be a 924 track car or a 997 GT3 car, you're covered.

Autothority have a wide variety of race parts available, and the expertise to keep your car running flat out from the drop of the flag to the checkered flag; regardless of model.

Whether you're just starting out with your track day obsession or are a hardened competitor, whether you already have a car, or need to acquire one - we're here for you.

We are often able to help you to source a variety of Porsche race cars, from the small-but-fun 924, to the very accessible 944, right through to air-cooled 911 cars, Targa cars and of course, the fabulous GT3 Cup cars, which are now selling at very affordable prices. 


Build a Race or track Car

The 3-litre 944 and later model 968 make outstanding track day cars - and are available cheaply, for those on a budget. To get ready for the track, you may simply add some track tyres and hit the tarmac. These road-legal track cars are very popular and allow you the convenience of upgrading gradually.

We're happy to work to your pace, and your budget;

– Stripping the interior

– Installing half or full roll cage

– Upgrading bakes

– Replacing or upgrading suspension components

– Suspension tuning

– Race alignments

– Exhausts and mufflers

– Race seats

– Fire systems

– Extra wheels and tyres

– Paint and sponsor graphics​

The great thing about these cars are that the motors, brakes and suspension are already track-ready. Although refinement, weight-loss and tuning can advance the car's performance markedly. You can be as mild or as wild as you want to be!

We can't stress enough how much fun, and how surprisingly fast these four-cylinder front-engined Porsches are when prepared for the track. Although the classes these cars may enter are hotly contested, it need not cost a fortune to compete at a high level. 

At the very top end of this class is the 968 Club Sport, a real light weight, and serious track car when simply warranted and registered. It's robust yet capable and well-balanced, with superb reliability and stunning cornering ability.


If You Want To Stay Safe,

Take It To The Track! 

An ever-increasing portion of our time is devoted to motorsport. This makes sense if you want to stay safe, keep your license, and pursue high-speed thrills - you need to get to your local race track! 

We are extremely active in Porsche motorsport: from gymkhanas to endurance races and through to the RennSport series. Whether it be sourcing parts, spanner checks, building entire cars, race preparation, upgrades, race tuning, or on-track expertise, Autothority is your one-stop shop for all your Porsche motorsport dreams.

Autothority support several cars and drivers throughout the South Island and many more road cars which make frequent use of the track.

So, if you're planning anything from some road car track driving, to running a GT3 in the Cup series, or a monster turbo for 3-hour endurance races, or considering doing a Targa rally, come in and have a chat. We have the experience, resources and technincal expertise to get you on the track.

We want to help you make sure you have complete confidence in your car at every track day. Get an Autothority expert check of all the critical components of your car so that come race day, you can go hard out. We’ll inspect your brakes, tyres, bearings, belts, fluids, steering, and anything else you want looked at too. We’ll advise what needs doing if anything is out of spec.

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