From minor repairs to

complete restorations

Autothority Restoration & Repairs

Equipped with Cellete Porsche jig sets!

From a minor fender-bender to a more serious body repair, don’t trust your precious Porsche to just anyone. Call the experts at Autothority. Using our skills, and those of several other companies we trust, we ensure your Porsche is returned back to it's beautiful condition. We offer a complete restoration.

Even though Porsche has a long history of building car bodies from galvanised steel and motors from alloy, entropy and rust cannot be stopped. The edges of panels become rusted, rubber rots, alloys become corroded without antifreeze, paint crazes, leather cracks, plastics fall apart, metal gets fatigued and the sun beats the hell out of anything that faces it. So, no matter how careful you’ve been with your car, it will eventually need to be restored.​

Restoration is a complex process. It is not simply polishing parts, replacing bits and reassembling them. Every part of the car must be inspected, measured, tested and if necessary replaced. Then it must all go back together again, just like at the factory.

Finally, it all has to work, and it has to be as good, or better than when it was built.​

Autothority Classic Porsche