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Porsche Maintenance & Repairs

Autothority offers a complete range of maintenance and repairs for all years and models of Porsches. Our experience cannot be bettered in the South Island of New Zealand, and we ask you to compare the quality of our work to any other Porsche shops anywhere; we know we stack up.

150,000+ hours of
combined experience

Because we’ve been specialist Porsche people for so long, we have seen it all, on every car. It’s highly unlikely your car will experience something we have not seen before, and know how to fix.

While we may charge a slight premium over standard all-makes service centres, our experience more than makes up for this: Porsches can be complicated vehicles and unless your mechanic has a very great deal of experience with your particular model, you may wind up paying far more than necessary.

What might take an average mechanic 4 hours to do, may take us less than 2, or even less than 1.

The other aspect of Porsche maintenance is the “Traps For Young Players”, where apparently basic work affects another part of the vehicle, unbeknownst to your mechanic. Several months later, you may have a ruined motor, a destroyed gearbox, or ruined tyres as a direct result of his inexperience. We have repaired many cars that have suffered at the hands on unknowledgeable mechanics.

Porsche Parts in Christchurch

Autothority maintains good relations with the official Porsche franchisee in Christchurch, as well as several second hand parts dealers in New Zealand and Australia. We can obtain new, or second hand parts with little delay.

ZIPN BY Need to find a Porsche part?

You can save money by identifying the part correctly, and obtaining it yourself; there are many, many sites on the Internet devoted to selling Porsche parts – both new, OEM and second hand.

Do you know the part you need, but do not know what it is called, or what the number of the part is? What you need is the "Porsche PET" software. There is a single combined PET for all Porsche model years, weighing in at 126MB on the 'net - but you can download the PET for your own car just visit our downloads page, and grab the PET for your car.

Porsche PET is in Adobe Acrobat format.

Once you have downloaded the PET for your car, you can find the part you need easily and quickly: no more mucked up parts orders!

Of course, if you would like our assistance, we are happy to help.

“Full Service”

Full Service has a particular and specific meaning. Often you will see vehicles advertised with a “Full Service History” (or “FSH”). This refers to the very strict Porsche schedule for maintaining the vehicle: Porsche specify at what dates and/or distances certain items need to be replaced, maintained, serviced or inspected.

In order for a vehicle to advertise an FSH, it needs to have been maintained to the strictest and most exacting standards, all according to the Porsche specification.

FSH vehicles are quite rare if older than 10 years, or 2 owners. It will pay to check the service history of a car, to see if “FSH” is an honest claim. FSH cars will come with the original hand book, with all servicing stamps correctly placed at the appropriate time and distance interval. Such cars should also come with an impressive array or receipts for work carried out. Fastisious owners may also have recorded all the work elecytronically, to assist future owners.

Proper vehicles with a Full Service History will always be in immaculate condition, with zero defects(!) and with no expense spared throughout its lifetime. A genuine Full Service History is virtually as good as a guarantee when purchasing.

FSH vehicles command a price premium over non-FSH cars.

Please talk to us today about a car you are thinking about – perhaps we may be of service.

Engine building and re-building

We have rebuilt just about every Porsche motor there is to rebuild!

We're constantly building and rebuilding engines for one reason or another; some leak, some are reconditioned, while others are stripped, and rebuilt for the race circuit. Both stands are usually occupied with Iain beavering away on them. If stands could speak, well, ours would have some good stories to tell.

So, no matter what engine you have, what problems your engine faces, or what you want it to do, we are here to make sure that your requirements are met, with top workmanship, the best parts, and the greatest experience available. We'll have your car absolutely flying, in no time at all.

Pre-Sales tidy up

Our fastidious and enthusiast owners do sell their cars from time to time. But even when cars are sold privately, owners often like to give the car a tidy before selling.

To this end, we offer a makeover service for your Porsche, which begins at the ground and finishes at the sunroof. Mechanical, electrical, bodywork, paint, interior trim, upholstery; you name it, we’ll arrange it for you, so you can achieve the very best price for your Porsche.

Buyer or Seller Remorse

It’s true, sometimes owners actually regret buying a Porsche! It doesn’t happen often, but it can happen. Far more common is the remorseful seller. We offer world class counselling for both these problems.

However, we freely admit that our solution to your angst usually involves buying another Porsche. What can we say? We love the marque!

Spanner Checks

Make sure you have complete confidence in your car at every track day; get your car sorted by us beforehand. We check all critical components of a car in order to let you go hard out.

We’ll inspect your brakes, tyres, bearings, belts, fluids, steering, and anything else you want looked at too. We’ll advise what needs doing if anything is out of spec.

Race Preparation

From ground-up restorations to simple tune-ups, we do it all, and we have done a lot of it. It’s our passion and our pride to provide you with the race/track/road car of your dreams, and your budget.

Completed RSR engine We have built so many engines and cars for the track we’ve lost count, but a goodly proportion of our 150,000+ hours of Porsche experience has been devoted to putting the finest components together in the most particular way possible.

Additionally, we can help you find and acquire a Porsche race car. Whether you are just starting out and want a simple track day car, or whether you want to run in the Targa, or even if you want to win the Bridgestone series, we can help you, so talk to us today.


From rusting wreck to concourse car, we offer a complete service.

Bare metal restorations frequently performed Using our skills, and those of several other companies we trust, we regularly bring cars back from the dead.

Even though Porsche have a long history of building car bodies from galvanised steel, and motors from alloy, entropy and rust, cannot be stopped: the edges of panels become rusted, rubber rots, alloys become corroded without anti-freeze, paint crazes, leather cracks, plastics fall apart, metal gets fatigued and the sun beats the hell out of anything that faces it.

Nothing goes un-molested by time.

So, no matter how careful you’ve been with your car, it will eventually need to be restored.

Restoration is a complex process. It is not simply polishing parts, replacing bits and reassembling them. Every part of the car must be inspected, measured, tested and if necessary replaced. Then it must all go back together again, just like at the factory.

Finally, it all has to work, and it has to be as good, or better than when it was built.

Pre-Purchase inspections

If we don’t already know the car, for a nominal fee, we soon will!

We know what we’re looking at, and we do it quickly, thoroughly, efficiently and with ownership in mind.

Then tell you everything you need to know about the car.

From there you’ll have an idea of the ongoing costs of ownership.

Our Sincere Buying Advice to You

Don’t be in a hurry to buy yourself a car.

Like every marque, there are good and bad examples after a certain amount of time has passed. Cars with excellent service histories must be given very serious consideration.

A bad example could break your heart … and your books, so you must accept the maxim:

“There is no such thing as a budget Porsche,
only a budget for a Porsche.”

Only then, can you hope to reliably and consistently enjoy the fruits of Porsche’s labours, and our efforts.

Because we believe, there’s nothing like a Porsche in good condition for bringing a smile to your face, and a glint to your eye, no matter what the model, no matter what the year: all Porsche’s have this much in common.

Identifying Famous or Rare Porsches

It is widely known that there are some models, years and particular cars, which are, for various reasons worth very significant sums of money.

What is not widely known, is these cars occasionally turn up in New Zealand. Recently one of the first 100 911s was found in a shed in Hawke’s Bay and this vehicle is worth over $100,000 dollars, even in its dilapidated state.

If you would like to own a rare or famous Porsche as an enthusiast, a collector or an investor, please include us in your list of contacts. We are happy to use our connections to try and find you one, and if you think you may have an unidentified but valuable car, please feel free talk to us about it.

Collecting Porsches

Want to start building a collection of Porsches, with appreciating values in mind? We are most keen to assist you in your dreams of the 12-car Porsche-only garage.

With the addition of the stunning Cayenne, the nimble Boxster, and the imminent family-four-door Panamera, it is certainly true you need no other marque.

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