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Autothority - Expert Porsche Service & Repairs, Christchurch

Get a Porsche expert to service and repair your car!

Autothority offers a complete range of maintenance and repairs for all years and models of Porsche. Our experience cannot be bettered in the South Island of New Zealand, and we ask you to compare the quality of our work to any other Porsche shops anywhere. We know we stack up.

20+ Years of servicing Porsche

Because we've been specialist Porsche people for so long, we have seen it all, on every car. It's highly unlikely your car will experience something we have not seen before, and know how to fix.

While we may charge a slight premium over standard all-makes service centers, our experience more than makes up for this: Porsche can be complicated vehicles and unless your mechanic has a very great deal of experience with your particular model, you may wind up paying far more than is necessary.

What might take an average mechanic 4 hours to do, may take us less than 2, or even less than 1.

The other aspect of Porsche maintenance is the "Traps For Young Players", where seemingly basic work affects another part of the vehicle, unbeknownst to your mechanic. Several months later, you may have a ruined motor, a destroyed gearbox, or ruined tyres as a direct result of his inexperience. We have repaired many cars that have suffered at the hands of unknowledgeable mechanics.

We can provide a basic service through to a Porsche full service as prescribed by the Porsche factory.

A Porsche full-service schedule refers to the gold standard for maintenance of your vehicle. Porsche specifies at what dates and/or distances certain items need to be replaced, maintained, serviced or inspected. In order for a vehicle to advertise a full-service history (FHS), it needs to have been maintained to the strictest and most exacting standards, all according to the Porsche specification.

Whether you just need a tune-up or a full service, the Autothority team are the ones to call to keep your Porsche ticking over nicely.



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